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This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.
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Sector leaders providing innovative, dynamic and integrated strategic direction for stakeholders to provide a globally competitive workforce.


The Local Labour Market Planning Document (LLMPD)

 The purpose of the Local Labour Market Plan (LLMP) is to: 

  • Identify significant labour market issues in Chatham-Kent.
  • Set a strategic direction that addresses these issues and puts forth actions that will help improve identified labour market challenges.
  • The outcome of the LLMP and its resulting initiatives is intended to support local residents who are looking for work in the job market, to help employees remain employed, and to assist employers with better access to the labour pool to be competitive in the global market.
  • The 2022 LLMP will be released in early 2023.

EmployerOne Survey 

  • This year's EmployerOne Survey will be conducted in November 2022.
  • It will ask employers to share their workforce stories  to identify challenges and celebrate successes.
  • The 2022 EmployerOne Survey results will be released in early 2023.

Chatham-Kent Workforce Shortage Analysis Research Project

The purpose of this project is to:

  • Identify potential causes of workforce shortages in Chatham-Kent, including labour shortage, skills shortage, or wage differences to surrounding communities.
  • Build a comprehensive picture of workforce gaps in Chatham-Kent, by skill type, sector, and job titles.
  • Recommend focus for local workforce development efforts, including the development of resources.
  • The full-length report will be released in early 2023.