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Labour Market Information

LMI Snapshot

For a comprehensive overview of Chatham-Kent's Labour Market, subscribe to the monthly LMI Newsletter. To read the latest release, check out the December 2022 LMI Newsletter.

November 2022, Regional Comparisons

Unemployment Rates

  • Chatham-Kent: 6.3% 
  • Windsor-Essex: 6.4% 
  • Sarnia-Lambton: 7.3% 
  • ER 3570: 6.6% 
  • Ontario: 5.5%
Participation Rates
  • Chatham-Kent: 61.0% 
  • Windsor-Essex: 60.8% 
  • Sarnia-Lambton: 60.2% 
  • ER 3570: 60.7%

Annual Rates

The annual unemployment rate (%) and annual participation rate (%) in Chatham-Kent is shown below, from 2006-2021.
2021 Annual Unemployment Rate chart showing trends from 2006 to 2021. 2021 Annual Participation Rate chart showing trends from 2006 to 2021.

Local Labour Market Plan


Planning Document - English
Planning Document - French


Planning Document - English
Planning Document - Summary


Planning Document - English
Planning Document - French


Planning Document - English
Planning Document - French


Planning Document - English


Planning Document - English
Planning Document - French

EmployerOne Survey

The EmployerOne Survey offers employers an opportunity to share their workforce challenges and successes from the previous calendar year.  The results provide local data which helps to plan local solutions and build a stronger workforce. The EmployerOne Surveys provide a voice for Chatham-Kent employers to reach government, policy-makers, and those responsible for education and training of potential employees.


EmployerOne Survey Report
EmployerOne Survey Infographic


EmployerOne 6 Year Review


EmployerOne Survey Results


​EmployerOne Survey Results


​EmployerOne Survey Results


EmployerOne Survey Results


​EmployerOne Survey Results

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